DJ Track N Hound - Good Times and Good Music

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Summer is in full swing and that means lazy summer nights chilling on the deck with your friends eating good food, and if you are at our house it means a record spinning in the background. Well this summer we talked DJ Track N Hound (a.k.a. Ernie) into bringing you a playlist every Friday night so you can start your weekend off with a good beat.

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The crew has been perusing the record collection all week looking for the perfect songs to kick off our new series! After a long conversation between DJ Track N Hound and Foyle, and some input from the girls,  they've decided to bring you the following list:


  1. This Head I Hold    Electric Guest    Link 

  2. Let's Go Surfing     The Drums    Link

  3. Parade of Punk Rock T-shirts    Maritime    Link

  4. Pretty In Decadence    French Films    Link

  5. Velvet Elvis    Alice Winston    Link

  6. Do You Want it All?    Two Door Cinema Club    Link

  7. How it Ended    The Drums    Link

  8. If All My Days Go By    Maritime    Link

  9. Runaway    Mr. Little Jeans    Link

  10. Traveling    Paper Lions    Link

  11. Escape In the Afternoon    French Films    Link