DJ Track N Hound - S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!

DJ Track N Hound Prints

I was talking to DJ Track N Hound today and we were having a debate - vinyl vs. cd. Track N Hound says that vinyl is superior while I say cd, but mainly for convenience and flexibility. What do you think?

Since the day I walked into our living room and asked the Mr. why his new turntable was running without a record on it (24 hours for balancing) I've come to realize that there is a very serious ritual that goes along with vinyl and it must not be mocked or interrupted. These rules apparently drift over into cd land where enforcement extends to alphabetical organization and having the correct cd in the appropriate case. No exceptions taken. Seriously because last week I broke the rules and now I'm in the Dog House. Actually, I broke it a long time ago when I was about 6 and didn't put the Bay City Rollers record back in its sleeve because I wanted to hear Saturday Night for the 100th time.

So,  because of my disrespectful ways I shuffled back into my office to hide (while the Mr. reorganized my mistakes) and made myself useful by checking out Etsy for some cool artwork that would fit in with today's post on vinyl vs. cd. I took it a little further by trying to find prints to satisfy all you audiophiles out there. Here are my favorites: (left to right, top to bottom)

  1. Retro Geek Analog Synthesizer by Handz

  2. Hunt and Gather-Radio by Lab Partners

  3. Typography Music Quote by Bear and Robot

  4. Life is a Mix Tape by Handz

  5. Stay on Track by Joy Goldstein Studio

  6. You're Making Me Dance Inside by Peanutoak Prints

2012-06-14 DJ Barksalot 16

Now for the Saturday Night playlist!

  1. Cult Logic by Mike Snow

  2. Shadowcasting by RaRa Riot

  3. Swing Tree by Discovery

  4. Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear

  5. Sleep Tonight by Stars

  6. Leave House by Caribou

  7. Fools by The Dodos

  8. Over and Over by Hot Chip

  9. I Need Fun in My Life by The Drums

  10. In My Heart by Moby (incredible surf video)