Dog Day at the Park! With the Oakland A's and Otiswear

2012-07-15 A game Otis Bib 3

We are sooooo ready for Dog Day at the Park with the Oakland A's this Thursday! It's the 7th annual Dog Day at the Coliseum and thanks to Otiswear we are ready to hit the field for the pregame Pup Rally and Pup Parade. We'll get to walk around the warning track with all the other dogs (and Foyle's Newf buddy Gabe) who will also be wearing our very cool "Slide on into Home" bib in the A's colors!

I contacted Lori at Otiswear to make a special bib for our night out and she came up with this fantastic design, complete with a little baseball in "Home". The front is made with a nice, thick, green terry and the back is a contrast of a dog-themed print with bones and leashes. To top it off is the green and yellow trim that ads such a special touch. Did I mention she made the bibs and had them shipped in less than a week? It's already been drool-tested and we give it 4 paws up! I'm so happy with the bibs and I can't wait to show them off!

2012-07-15 A game Otis Bib set

Not only will this be fun for us, but it's actually to help raise money for Dogs4Diabetics, a non-profit organization that helps train dogs to detect, by scent, low blood glucose in youths and adults. The program not only trains the dog, but trains the team to learn how to work together and provide reinforcement. Did you miss signing up for the game? Then join D4D for their 5th Annual Walk For The Dogs August 11th in Walnut Creek.

There is an additional bonus at the game too! They are trying for a Guiness World Record on the most dogs at a baseball game! So, tune in and hopefully you'll get a chance to see Foyle and Hazel at the game! Look for us at the end of the first inning, we're supposed to be in our seats so they can get a final count. Go A's!