Dogs And More Dogs at the A's Game! Dog Day At The Park!


We made it through Dog Days at the Park with the Oakland A's tonight!

2012-07-19 A's Game 6

We got together with some good friends tonight for a pre-game Pup Rally in the parking lot and then headed inside for a walk around the warning track and eventually to our seats. The weather was perfect and we had so much fun hanging out with all the other people and their dogs and even met a few more longhair dachshunds! We actually had a Russian dog right behind us who we met on the track. She was a Caucasian Ovcharka and was the sweetest girl who, believe it or not, was actually bigger than Foyle! I kid you not, she was gigantic, and at one point she put her head on my shoulder to see if I would share a bit of hot dog with her. I did of course, she was too precious at that moment not to give her at least a little bite and her head was getting a little heavy.

2012-07-19 A's Game 3

Before the game they rounded all the dogs up for a walk around the stadium on the warning track and I must say it was pretty impressive being down on the field and looking up into the seats. I can imagine how intimidating it must feel having thousands of fans watching your every move because people were yelling out for Foyle as we walked by. Unfortunately the wouldn't let us stop and take pictures so this is the best I could do with my phone.

2012-07-19 A's Game 5 Photo 3

I think Hazel had the best time though because she got to go out without the other two hounds, and everyone just swooned over how pretty she was. She ate it up! Then there was Foyle's buddy Gabe who was the celebrity tonight and got up on the big screen when we were walking on the field.

2012-07-19 A's Game 4

Oh, and then there was the baseball game after all and the A's were holding their own right before we left. This is Derek Jeter....see, I know a few things about baseball too. The important things... like who Derek Jeter is. Ha!