Show Dogs Restaurant in San Francisco!

2012-07-01 Show Dogs 2

So where do you think someone who writes a blog about dogs would go to eat in San Francisco? Why Show Dogs of course! They catered an event the Mr. went to a few weeks ago and after hearing rave reviews I finally made a trek into the city to try it out for myself and see if it lived up to its name. Boy, did it ever! If you are into finding locally sourced ingredients and hand crafted food in a casual setting then Show Dogs will not let you down!

2012-07-01 Show Dogs 1

Located on the corner of Market and Golden Gate, Show Dogs specializes in artisan sausages and unique sandwiches that focus on local ingredients. Craving something completely different and unexpected? Then order the Elk Burger or the House Wild Boar. Or, just go for a classic all beef sausage. There is something on the menu to hit every meat category you could want and with over ten locally brewed beers and biodynamic wines you'll be able to find the perfect drink to go with your dinner. (careful of the spicy ketchup though! Didn't realize that one until it was too late, but it was still pretty good!)

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The interior is cozy with marble tables, bench seating, and stools next to the window for hanging out with your friends while you share those amazing sweet potato fries! It does get a bid loud when a crowd is inside but you can head back out to the outdoor seating area to relax and watch the local "theater" walking by.

2012-07-01 Show Dogs 6

So if you are up for unique sausages like the House Maple Bacon with home made mustard, corn dogs with a just-dipped coating, and the crispiest sweet potato fries you can find then head on down because you will not be disappointed!