DJ Track N Hound - He's So Dreamy!

2012-07-21 DJ Track Sleep Tight

I noticed a theme the other day when I was looking through my Instagram (@newfandhound, #newfandhound) photos that made me smile and chuckle to myself. I guess I tend to take a lot of pictures of the pack while they are sleeping because they chose the oddest combinations of sleeping positions when they share the same bed, and that is great photography fodder for me! The hounds always have to be touching when they are next to each other, while Foyle doesn't want to sleep near anyone because he gets too hot. Hazel is usually the one flipped over on her back exposing herself to the world and Nooner just wants to snuggle up as tight as possible. 

Foyle thought he was a dachshund as a puppy so he has to be near them whenever they are around so often times I'll find him laying close to them, but not touching. On a rare occasion I will find that Ernie has climbed up next to Foyle but I think that's only because Foyle is on their bed. You'd think they'd like that extra body heat, but apparently they three of them do quite well by themselves.

Do your dogs sleep together as well?

But this leads us into the playlist for the week! It's a little bit softer, a little bit more dreamy, a little bit more bucolic if music can be that way. Makes you feel like you should be in a car commercial driving along a country road after a spring rain. So, here we go... enjoy! (If the Spotify playlist isn't working please let me know! I believe you do have to be signed up to hear it.)


  1. Lost In The Sun by Ivy

  2. Pluto by Clare & The Reasons

  3. Moonboot Canyon by Maplewood

  4. Saturday Night Underwater by Nik Freitas

  5. Backwards Rolling by The French Semester

  6. The Shake Shake by King of Prussia

  7. Entre Postales by Cineplexx

  8. I'd Rather Dance With You by Kings of Convenience