NewfandHound Printstagram Photos Are Here!

2012-07-27 Prinstagram

It has been a very long wait, but my Printstagram photos have finally arrived! Ya! I was so excited to see how they turned out that I opened them up at work and snuck over to our kitchen to take a peek with some coworkers. If you haven't ordered from them yet I'll give you fair warning that the delivery time can be lengthy (although they are working on it) and because it comes from Taiwan it is considered an international package and needs a signature. So unless you are at home during the day I would suggest having them mailed to a location where you can sign for them so they don't get stuck at the post office for over 2 weeks like mine did. I do like the matt quality to the photos and we chose the 4"x4" squares and the mini prints, both which are amazing so I don't think you will be disappointed. 

Since I had so much time before they were delivered I had a chance to browse around the web and see what projects other people have come up with for their prints. Here are a few of my favorites so far:

  1. Heart Display by Ourearleylife

  2. I Heart Instagram by Where My Heart Resides

  3. Photo Letter Mat from Martha Stewart

  4. Instagram Wall by A Beautiful Mess

  5. Instagram Photo Wall by Kevin Hale Photography

  6. Clip Art Wall by Hola Para Siempre

  7. 3"x3" Canvas Art by Being Geek Chic

Have you found a cool way to display your Instagram photos? How about printing services? Which ones do you like the best? Next time I'm going to try out ImageSnap where you can turn your photo into a ceramic tile. I also think I'm going to try and see how they print out at Target and at home next time, and I'm up for other suggestions so let me know what printing processes have worked the best for you! Stay tuned because I'll be posting my projects soon!