DJ Track N Hound - Walkin' The Beat

2012-07-06 Trak N Hound Drummer 1

It's Friday night already and DJ Track N Hound has been at work today pulling together his playlist of the week- Walkin The Beat! Sorry this is coming in late but we've been distracted by the two K-9 units and eight cops outside our house right now tracking down a runaway girl! Seriously, I think all the cops that are on duty are here so I'm feeling pretty safe at the moment. Besides, she would be in for a big surprise if she tried to jump our fences!

2012-07-06 Trak N Hound Drummer 2

Ernie, I mean DJ Track N Hound, was thinking that this list needed songs that had a heavy beat to keep you moving after a long week so here it is, and if you play it in order it sounds even better. In honor of the fine policemen and women of our city we've dedicated this playlist to them. (I've included a Spotify button also, but this is the first time I've used the link so if you see a big blank spot at the end of the post that is where the list is supposed to be.)

Walkin' The Beat

  1. My Body by Young The Giant

  2. Forever and Ever Amen by The Drums

  3. What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club

  4. Fences by Phoenix

  5. Fight Song by The Republic Tigers

  6. Houdini by Foster The People