East Bay Dachshund Meetup - Weiner Dog Walk

We had a great time on Saturday joining in on the East Bay Dachshund Meetup Group at Point Isabel and I’m hoping that we’ll be able to join in again next month. There were about 15 dachshunds and our designated “Ugly Dachshund”, Foyle. When we met up with the group at Mud Puppies Ernie trotted over to the group and went up to the first black and tan longhair, Giovani, to say “Hi, you’re my people aren’t  you?” I decided that the hounds have been sorely lacking more dogs to play with so what a better way to get to know some other hounds than to join our local Meetup.

 There was a wide variety of dacshund varieties and ages and it was so nice to hear about how everyone came about owning a dachshund. We all have reasons for picking these long, little dogs and we fell in love with them because of their longevity, their beauty, and their goofy personalities. Who doesn’t love a dachshund?

Hazel joined Foyle for a mid-walk dip in the ocean to cool off. She was such a trooper maneuvering her way between the big dog legs and holding her own while enjoying the cool water.

 Hounds will be hounds and use their noses, especially when it involves hot dogs! These little ones didn’t waste a minute when the food arrived and they were all saluting to the king dog in order to get just a little nibble! Please! Please!

In true hound fashion though no hole was left unturned and Scarlet was right on that gopher the minute it popped its head up. Relentless in her hunt she waited and sounded off to let everyone know what she had and that she was “THE hound”!

Everyone was incredibly friendly and we all had a great time making the loop and chatting along the way. We hope to join up again soon!