Snackerday - Chick-N-Ice

It’s been very hot lately so my main goal is to get as much liquid into Foyle as possible to flush out his kidneys and these Chick-N-Ice cubes seem to be doing the trick this week! He’ll eat a bowl full as quickly as I can fill it up so it’s only a matter of making enough to keep him happy and hydrated.

I also made a recent discovery in that Foyle will actually eat blueberries! This is very odd because he refuses to eat fruit all together, but something possessed him to try one the other night. He would take a blueberry in his mouth and walk around the house to find a place to eat it as if he didn’t want me to see that he actually liked it. Finally he aknowledged that he liked them and planted himself right behind me begging for more, and more, and more! The vet said that this was a great treat for his kidney disease and have been on his diet plan for a while so it was a relief to find out that we could finally include them in his diet.

So here is the incredibly easy recipe:


1 cup low sodium chicken broth

1 cup water

handfull of blueberries

Mix the chicken broth and water together and fill up ice cube trays. Drop in 1-2 blueberries depending on the size of your ice cube trays and freeze solid. Serve up in a place you don’t mind getting wet!

Foyle moved so fast I could barely take a picture of him eating these cubes and Nooner took her own sweet time getting them out one by one. It’s such an easy treat to make for when it is hot outside and your pups need a little extra coaxing getting enough liquid in them!

As always, check with your veterinarian if you dog has allergies or specific dietary requirements.