Nooner's News - NewfandHound on Puppy Tales!

Wow! I was just about to call it a night when I saw that Puppy Tales had picked Nooner to be one of their Instagram dogs! I am beyond thrilled, not only because Nooner’s picture was chosen but because Puppy Tales is one of our favorite dog blogs to read each week. They have informative articles, review new dog supplies, and have amazing prizes in their contests. In fact that is where we found out about a dog bakery called Sweet Chops which gave me inspiration to start the Snackerday series. They have the best decorations on their dog treats and it’s too bad I don’t live in Australia because I’d be there every day if I could.

There’s Nooner in all her glory! We were at the beach one Saturday morning and I captured this shot after one of her amazing recalls. I say amazing because usually she is the one that is running after other dogs thinking that she is chasing them away when actually they are running after a ball or another dog. (Yes, she is that dog that everyone is annoyed with) But we were shocked that she swung right around and came back to us after we called her name. We’re working hard with her on eliminating her habit and a pocket full of Liver Love ‘Em treats seems to do the trick. I think she’s actually smiling here!