Gettin Figgy With It!

How do I know when my figs are ready to be picked off our tree? When I catch the dachshunds having a late night snack in the backyard! It appears that they are now in season so I’m sure the dogs will have their fill for the next few weeks or more. We love this tree since it’s the last of the 6 or so fruit trees that came with the house when we bought it several years ago, so it does have enough sentimental value for us to leave it alone and let it fulfill its yearly production. Besides fig trees are incredibly easy as far as maintenance goes and we need at least one tree in our backyard!

Here is Hazel having an after dinner snack, chowing down on as many figs as she can find. Unfortunately we’re not big on eating figs (although Mr. makes an incredible home made version of fig newtons) so I’m doing a bit of research tonight trying to find some recipes that will encourage us to use more of our harvest this year instead of giving them away. But that’s fun too!

Here’s what I’ve found so far: (what recipes do you like? Let me know!)

  1. Figs with blue cheese and honey
  2. Fig, olive oil, and sea salt challah bread from Smitten Kitchen
  3. Seared figs and white peaches with balsamic reduction from My Recipes
  4. Fig and goat cheese wrapped in prosciutto from Culinary Affections
  5. Blue cheese stuffed figs from Spoon Fork Bacon
  6. Spiced honey cake with carmelized figs from Chow
  7. Fresh figs and blue cheese pie from Eat Well 101
  8. Prosciutto, fresh fig, and manchego sandwich from My Recipes

While the dachshunds were chowing away underneath the fig tree, Foyle managed to tree his nemesis who chattered obscenities for quite a while until Foyle relented and went to lay out in the grass and observe the feast.