Black and White Sunday- Week 21


"Walking is good for solving problems. It's like the feet are little psychiatrists." -Pepper Giardino

Here we are at Black and White Sunday, week 21! Thank you to our hosts You Did What With Your Weiner, My Life in Blog Years, and Dachshund Nola! Please see one of their great blogs for more information on joining!

So the other day I went to a park to take pictures for a new series I'm working on for the blog and I was shooting on manual thinking that I was getting some really nice shots. I was very proud that I didn't take my camera off manual until I got home and realized I didn't check the white balance...not once. Yikes! Amateur move! So here is a link to several cheat sheets that you can print out or read to make sure you cover all the basics- Pinterest photography infographics. Also, as I'm writing this I'm watching a great documentary called Bill Cunningham New York on Netflix about a fashion/life photographer in New York who is an institution with the New York Times. Inspiring black and white photography- and he shoots with film! Another fashion photographer to follow that has amazing color photographs is The Sartorialist!.