Tally Ho Tuesday! Doggy Detail

2013-01-07 Doggy Detail_2.jpg

Tally Ho Tuesday is back with a new local favorite, Doggy Detail, that we discovered at the holiday Renegade Craft Fair in December. We were excited to see some creative, fun dog toys and gear, but we were even more excited to find out that they are all made in Vallejo which is only 30 minutes away from us! We love to support local businesses and Trish Iriye and Aidan Robson have designed fun, useful items that are all handmade and crafted in their home!

2013-01-07 Doggy Delight.jpg

What caught my eye first were the sweet embroidered pillows based off of a favorite photograph, and they'll even do a custom pillow for you if you send them a picture of your favorite 4-legged friend. We picked up several presents for friends including their folding water bowl which you can see in the pictures on the top and these crazy, fun Poop Monster dog bag holders (top right) to keep those bags out of all our pockets and in one spot. Don't you hate having to try and find a bag each time you go out? They make yummy little toy donuts that seem too cute to give to your dog but they are the perfect bite size for the dachshunds! 

Doggy Detail Poop Monster 1.JPG

Well, to give Doggy Detail a shout out and to help support handmade, handcrafted dog toys I'm having a giveaway! Two people will win one of these goofy, useful Poop Monster dog bag holders! There's room to hold plenty of bags and a ring on the top to hook it to your leash or belt loop.

Just leave me a comment by Friday at 10:00 p.m. letting me know where you keep your doggy bags and two winners will be picked randomly on Saturday morning! That's it, that's all! Hope to hear from you!

The giveaway is now closed and Elizabeth from My Life In Blog Years was kind enough to comment so she gets her choice of yellow or red! (I'll contact you through your blog! Thanks!)