Bucket Babe- Snow Day at the Dog Park!

Temperatures are dropping quickly here in the Bay area this week and I really can't complain because I've stumbled through Montana and Iowa winters and this is a piece of cake considering the long days at zero, or even below zero, temperatures that I endured growing up.  I've become such a wimp over the years! That being said I finally decided to hit the dog park on Sunday afternoon and the one item that  kept me from running back to my car to turn the heat on were my Merrell Arctic Fox 6 waterproof boots! I will swear by these boots to keep your feet warm and dry for long periods of time because my feet were actually hot even after an hour of chilly walking. I wore them up in Seattle where it rained for two days straight and these boots performed beautifully! 

It's also the time of year to make sure your dog is protected from chilly temperatures so throw on a fuzzy fleece jacket like the Climate Changer from Ruffwear, or if you have dachshunds The Fuzzie fleece jacket from Teckelklub fits those long bodies perfectly! Don't forget to light up and keep your dog safe if you are walking on streets or at the dog park at night with flashing collars and reflective leashes. We love the Stuntpuppy brand and I'm dying to get the Go Dog Glo Stunt Runner for walking around the neighborhood.

Get outside and enjoy your holidays but don't forget to bring your pup along with you!