Bucket Babe- What to Wear to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

It's time to brave the New York winter and get ready for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! I've never been to the show even though we were actually invited to compete when Hazel was about 3 years old and unfortunately we couldn't go, but I'm dying to go to see how much of a "scene" it really is for both the exhibitor and the spectator.

I've heard that you can barely get your dog to the ring on time because of the crowds, flights are cancelled because of bad weather, and you need an invite to get to all the parties! But, I figure when I go I'm going to be prepared for all the people, dog hair, drool, weather and after parties with this wardrobe! What would you wear as a spectator? Can you imagine having to choose an outfit knowing that you'll be on TV with hundreds of thousands of viewers watching? With my luck I'd probably trip! (Maybe it's a good thing we didn't go after all?) I think it is safer if we watch the live video stream! We'll be rooting for the Dachshunds and the Newfoundland, how about you?