Bucket Babe- Water Work With Your Dog

Summer is here and that means that water training for Newfoundlands is about to begin! Actually, in northern California it started last weekend so I thought I'd round up a set of must-have items to bring with you to training and the tests! My favorite find is the life jacket by NRS CVest Type III jacket that has pockets in the front which would be perfect for putting bait in during training! No more shoving it down your shorts or tucking it into your swimming suit! It is fairly warm where we practice but the wind can pick up in the fall so long sleeved rash guards are helpful, and sometimes we even break out our wet suits. Katie's Bumpers has the best training toys around, especially the Stuff N Fetch It where you can stick yummy snacks in before you throw it out into the water. Keeps them motivated! Even if you aren't going for your water rescue dog titles this summer get out and have some fun swimming (safely of course) with your dog! They'll appreciate a dip in the water as much as you will when the hot weather hits!