NewfandHound's First Fashion Shoot!


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing my very first fashion shoot with Julia from Canines and Couture and my friend Kim who just started up her own styling business, La Clotherie Consulting, over in Oakland! Considering I lack any sense of style I never thought I would be interesting in this area of photography, but Julia and Kim made it so much fun that I'm glad I was pushed out of my own comfort zone and into thinking about lighting, angles, backgrounds, and details in an entirely new way. 

It's one thing to think about showing off your dog's structure and personality but quite another to think about arms, legs, smiles, and hair all at the same time! It's not as if you can whistle or throw bait to get your subject's attention so I owe a lot to both Kim and Julia for showing me what poses worked the best, and I owe it to the Mr. for holding the reflector so we could get better highlights in the scene.


We were able to use Kim's house for the shoot and if you saw her 330 square foot closet with mirrored doors all the way down it would have turned any tomboy into a girly-girl for the day! Even I was inspired!

It was fun to see what goes into the production and preparation for a shoot and let me tell you that there is quite a bit of work involved and it truly is all about the details and making sure the makeup, clothing, jewelry, and accessories all come together into one look. Julia and the other fashion bloggers make it look so easy!

Hazel played her own part in the shoot and gladly sat for a couple of rounds for us, in between searching around the property and taunting Mittens once she actually took notice that the cat was there!


So jump on over to Canines and Couture to see how our fashion shoot went and let me know which outfit is your favorite! Maybe this is the start of something great!