My Friend Uses Dog Commands On Me...


Sometimes you are so engrossed in dog training and day to day dog activities that you forget there are actual human beings around that don't respond very well to simple, one word, directions. Worst is when you expect an immediate reaction after said command!

Case in point: I was helping a friend break down tents at a dog event when suddenly my friend started saying "With me. With me!" as we were moving the tent into the center. I bent over laughing because I don't think she realized that it was the same command she typically gives her dogs to follow her during water training. So I said "do you know that you are giving me a dog command?" and she looked up and started laughing along with me and apologized. Now it's become a joke between the two of us, but I can see how easy it would be to fall into that rhythm when your daily routine includes dog training.

Have you ever accidentally given a friend or a family member a dog command? Or better yet, did they respond to it?