"...I Would Eat This."

From Crackle: Really?!

 I just came across this great series called Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee via the blog A Cup Of Jo and had to share it with you all today just for the line "...I would eat this!" by Seth Meyers. I highly recommend watching the entire video just because it's so well done and hilarious, but for all of us dog lovers forward to 11:00 and listen to their conversation about Seth's new Italian Greyhound and dogs in general. It will definitely make you crack a smile, especially for me since the Mr. is always complaining that Foyle eats better than we do.

Actually he does, he jumped up on the counter just last night and ate the remaining bowl of stir fried vegetables (a healthy version of course). I considered being mad until I realized it was just the left overs from his own dinner that I was going to use for mine. Foyle is a little spoiled. Ok, a lot spoiled. I'll admit it!

Check out these other videos from the series:  (not to mention the cars! Oh my!)