DJ Track-N-Hound Friday Playlist- On and On


TGIF! It's great to have every other Friday off where you can get up early and kick back with a cup of coffee and a stack of magazines, listening to your favorite music while you wait for the fog to clear off enough to take some pictures or take the dogs for a walk. Ya, that would have been my Friday morning if I hadn't slept half of it away! Yikes! I hate doing that because it feels like my day is mostly gone since I usually get so much done in the morning, but I took some serious medicine for my bronchitis and it makes you have such crazy good dreams that you don't want to wake up!

Well, here's a great list to play while you are catching up from sleeping in late or running all your weekend errands!  I'll be playing this while grooming my stinky dogs this, do they ever need a bath! 

  1. Up Up Up by the Givers
  2. Wild by Royal Teeth
  3. No Magnatone by Rogue Wave  
  4. Featherstone by The Paper Kites
  5. Light Rays by Noosa
  6. Mine's Not a High Horse by The Shins
  7. Sail by Noosa
  8. Knife Fight by Calhoun
  9. Where Have You Gone by Carousel  

Have a great weekend and enjoy your summer days! Don't you feel like now that you are an adult you kind of get jipped not getting three months off for summer? It's like summer doesn't exist anymore.