Chelsea And Hudson- A Dachshund Marriage

Congratulations to Chelsea and Hudson Dachshund on their recent nuptials! Also, congratulations to Danni and Will Rivera of Danfredo Rivera for creating and arranging this beautiful, fun, sweet event for Chelsea! I'm sure it will be a day that both of them will remember fondly. 

Seriously though, this is what our crazy dog friends do for us and there were so many incredibly talented people who came together to make this event happen, it really does rival some of the weddings that you see on the blogs and ones that I've been too lately. From bow ties to handmade wreaths and custom seating cards, it truly looks magnificent! I love it when friends make your ideas and dreams come true and I can't believe the thoughtful, personal touches that everyone contributed to making this event happen! 

Check out Danni's post for more beautiful pictures and get a glimpse behind the scenes too!